(A sanctuary in the world of print press)

Yedioth Communications is a local network of Yedioth Ahronoth and is the only local newspaper network in Israel with a nationwide distribution. Every local newspaper has many sections such as cultural sections, leisure and sports sections and very popular gossip sections. 

As a result of changes in media consumption habits, the entire print industry in Israel has been in a severe crisis for several years, and the Corona crisis has intensified the damage even more. In general, the "food chain" of the printing press, the local press, including Yedioth Haifa where I work, is very vulnerable because its economic model is based entirely on local businesses, and these are known to have suffered a severe blow as a result of the crisis. Sadly, the decision  to close Yedioth Haifa in it's present capacity fell like thunder on a clear day.

My dear friends at ♥ Yedioth Haifa

A glimpse at the work I've done at Yedioth Haifa: