Hi There,

My name is Ilana Sosna and I'm a cute old lady from Haifa, Israel. I live alone in my wonderful studio apartment overlooking the beautiful Haifa bay and I work as a Graphic Designer at Yedioth Haifa - a local newspaper here in Haifa. I have two beautiful sons and four gorgeous grandkids.

You won't find content of a high intellectual level here, only bits of my life, some of my thoughts and the best links I can find.

You may remember me from my blog Sugar 'N Spicy - it's been years since I've blogged but I'm glad to be back with a new blog - lockdown does that to you, so much free time.

I've noticed that many of the blogs I used to follow and became friends with are still online and it's really great to know because when the Social Media took hold I kinda felt lost.

Talk to you soon.