I don't drive, so I do a lot of walking and I love what's happening in the downtown area of Haifa. The old and the new mixing together. I was born in Haifa and when I passed by the house where I was born (the photo of the door) it brought back happy memories. Haifa is a beautiful city.

After years of neglect, downtown Haifa has become a place to hang around. The port, the markets, the restaurants and the food trucks on every corner, give the city a vibrant atmosphere.

There used to be a saying that Haifa is a city of "blue collar workers" that goes to sleep at eight pm and wakes up with the birds chirping, but now the city is celebrating a lively nightlife scene and boasts new entertainment complexes, bars and restaurants. In a short time, downtown Haifa has become a renewed district and one of the most attractive entertainment centers in the country.