You can live differently - The trend of living in small wooden houses is expanding in all rural and urban areas around the world. They are an affordable and environmentally conscious solution to the more expensive housing solutions and can offer mobility to a growing population of young professionals. Tiny houses come in many shapes and sizes - from micro-apartments and office spaces, to cabins on wheels and trailers.

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Girl with Pigeons, 1942, oil on canvas

  Morris Hirshfield, an immigrant who had found success as a tailor and then shoe designer before becoming a self-taught artist. His work was praised by the leading Surrealists and major art patrons of the time. While Hirshfield only painted around 70-something works in his lifetime, he developed a singular and consistent style, focusing on portraying women and animals. He did not rely on models but instead, his memory, and sometimes postcards or other prints [via]. 

  Eri Imamura / Instagram - Each beautiful outfit has a story [via].

  Libby Vanderploeg - In her impressive portfolio, Featuring fun, empowering characters, and a charming animation style, her simple illustrations come alive for the holiday season [via].

  Don't expect It to be available tomorrow, though. Ktederick Huntsman, tele-phone company commercial manager, says, "This telephone is far in the future commercially." , Right now, it's a laboratory development and it's workable, allowing the carrier to make and answer calls wherever he may be. The "TV phone" also will have a writer signature transmission system and a conversation tape recorder. The new phones are being displayed at the Home and Flower Show at the Coliseum. HOW AHOUT THIS? Mrs. Jean Conrad, commercial representative of Mansfield Telephone Co. holds up the pocket - sized, wireless telephone which Mansfielders will some day carry with them. The phone is still in the development stage and "far in the future".