Spencer Hansen Makes sculptures of weird and wonderful creatures from reclaimed materials. A lot of them look very huggable.

Instagram - Chicken living their best lives.

@solopsist Doctors hate him. #cookies #weirdnoises #art #winningnumbers #wtf ♬ original sound - solopsist

 A collection of videos about public phones on TikTok. So funny.

 How to feel your feelings [via].

Today, you are an Astronaut. You are floating in inner space 100 miles above the surface of Earth. You peer through your window and this is what you see. You are people watching. These are fleeting moments. These videos come from YouTube. They were uploaded in the last week and have titles like DSC 1234 and IMG 4321. They have almost zero previous views. They are unnamed, unedited, and unseen (by anyone but you).

 Websites don't have to be so perfect. Make a cool webpage with a web address in less than 5 minutes. It really is that easy and completely free! I signed up and got a page with lots of options and colors that are really fun to play with.

 Random people pointing. What is this nonsense !?